Darryl Payne

Multiple Billboard Number 1 Music Producer Awards
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Multiple Billboard Number 1 Music Producer Awards

Darryl has produced over 5000 commercially released songs since 1976. 100,000 titles are owned by Darryl Payne’s companies Including: StreamNet Inc, StreamNetTV, Legends Of Classic Soul, Classic World Productions. Darryl Payne Productions, Darryl Payne Films, StreamWorld Entertainment , StreamWorld Entertainment Classics, IMG International, IMG Records, New Image Records. 
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Darryl Payne received the icon award from The National Black Music Academy

Darryl Payne Induction to The Legends of Vinyl Hall of Fame

Darryl Payne interviewed by Lenny Fontana for True House Stories

Darryl Payne's Music was sampled by over 500 Artists

Darryl Payne Produced Music


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